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    Monday, April 22, 2019   /   by Rebecca Warkentin

    How to Negotiate with Buyers

    Proven negotiating strategies can help you prevent losing out on the deal. You must know how to work the psychology of the buyer and what to do when things take a particular turn. Moving ahead with the negotiation process systematically in a well-informed manner shall help you sell the home faster for top dollar. a. How to Negotiate with the Buyers

    First Listen to the Buyer

    Experts often say never make the first offer and let the buyer do it. While this is a proven good advice, there are reasons why this can effectively help with the negotiation process. In the first place, hearing the offer from them lets you take a mid-point and work from thereon.

    Usually, people tend to increase or decrease the offers they make in the same fashion the other party does and, therefore, you can proceed with a clue in hand while first listening to the buyer and gaining insight into his psychological mindset.

    Whatever the outcome, the person who is making the first offer is definitel ...

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    Monday, April 22, 2019   /   by Rebecca Warkentin

    Home Buying Needs vs. Wants

    Imagine what your dream house looks like. You have particular needs, and you can’t imagine not having them fulfilled. But there are going to be some desires that you will have to let go due to affordability issues.

    There is a bundle of things that are to be considered before buying a home.

    Would you like to have a swimming pool?
    Where is the house located?
    What makes it special?
    What can you afford and what is out of your budget?

    Budgeting restricts us more than anything else in most cases. While some things are necessary for any home, others will just stay on the list of desires without ever coming to reality.

    You might have a first impression of what you need and what you desire to have in your new house, but having a complete checklist can prove to be complicated.

    Before starting your hunt for a new home, it is advisable to make a list of all your basic needs and desires while targeting the most important ones.

    Making a list and highlighting what truly ...

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    Monday, April 22, 2019   /   by Rebecca Warkentin

    The Basics of Buyer's Agents and What They Do

    What Buyer's Agents Do for You

    Your buyer's agent will have a vast knowledge of the current real estate market for the area, which will include neighbourhood amenities and conditions, the law, zoning issues, price trends, negotiations, taxes, financing, and insurance. 

    Once you meet with the buyer's agent, he/she will generally help you to determine what your needs and wants are when it comes to finding you a home and a neighbourhood. 

    The agent will aid you in learning about what you can afford, setting a budget, give you some insight on the current conditions of the market, and explain to you what you should expect while shopping for a home. 

    In addition, he/she will help you find a suitable level of financing. During the shopping-for-a-home period, you will probably meet with your agent for tours of homes that you might be interested in. 

    They will give you insight into the floor plans, the pertinent selling points of the home, and the overall cr ...

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    Monday, April 22, 2019   /   by Rebecca Warkentin

    Shopping for a Home Loan

    Shopping for a Home Loan

    This is the time when one instantly puts himself/herself in charge of things that he would have never thought of earlier, especially if you used to rent a house. Owning a house brings a whole new experience.When you are looking to purchase a home, it is important to understand what can be deducted and what cannot be deducted.

    Acquiring a new mortgage requires a little work from your end, especially when talking about taxes.At this point, the most powerful thing is that anyone looking to buy a home should be interested in is the mortgage interest. You should make it a point of checking form 1098 from the lender at the end of the year.

    This form shows the amount of mortgage interest that you have paid.Getting a loan to purchase a home can be a tricky business and there are a lot of terms that one might find hard to understand. For instance, there are term mortgage points that refer to the interest that has been prepaid.

    It is possible to buy the p ...

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    Monday, April 22, 2019   /   by Rebecca Warkentin

    Tips & Advice to Advertise Your Home

    Mistakes in Presenting Your Home Can Offend the Buyers

    The point is to spend enough time to clean up the house and finish your daily chores at the home. Keep it ready to show to the buyer in a welcoming manner. See that the pets are removed from the home, the property is cleaned thoroughly to remove the odors caused by the pets and the house is well lighted for a better appeal.

    Never leave laundry piles, un-flushed toilets, cluttered kitchen sink and soiled carpets, it only sends buyers back out the doors.

    Remove any personal and official documents from sight. Remove any distracting photos. Place the keys in the key box and keep the home well lighted to create a congenial atmosphere.

    Best Practices in Advertising

    The robust web technology today has eased the burdens of homeowners in advertising their properties.Make a survey of the most popular property selling sites like real estate web portals, social networking sites, classified ads online, video sharing sites ...

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